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The Maine Food Strategy is an initiative to create a broader and more strongly connected network of organizations, businesses and individuals contributing to the food system in Maine. The initiative is convening a statewide participatory process that will identify and advance shared goals to support a robust food economy in our state.

The Maine Food Strategy is hiring!

A part-time, temporary position helping to develop stories and measures for progress in Maine’s food system. Deadline November 30! Find more information here and to apply here.


Maine Food System Network Weaving: Gathering input on how to work better together

October 12, 10 – 11 a.m.

Listen to the webinar and view the slides here

What a success! Participants were invited to share  input on what activities and priorities are important for network development and collaboration. This webinar facilitated input from attendees on questions like state government involvement, how organizations could benefit from better network coordination, and what activities stakeholders would be willing to participate in.

Webinar attendees reacted to recent input on specific activities for Maine’s food system development in order to inform next steps for network development.

Listen to the webinar and view the slides here

Take the Maine Food System Stakeholder Survey!

Food system stakeholders in Maine are people who work, volunteer, care about, and eat in Maine’s food system (i.e. everyone!). 
How do you want to develop the system and plan for the future?This survey (linked here) will aim to assess the value in developing a statewide group to convene food system stakeholders, and capture what activities this group could do that would be beneficial to the system and stakeholder organizations. The survey is also trying to gauge how motivated individuals are to participate in those activities.

Maine Food Strategy Councils. Sign up to get info today!

The Councils are groups of committed individuals convening around one of the four goal areas of the Maine Food Strategy network: Economic Development, Healthy Food for All, Healthy Maine Environment, Vibrant Communities.

Councils are charged with developing actions that support the Framework document and the MFS values, with priority placed on actions with cross-sector resonance.

Find more Council information and how to engage here.


Take the Pledge!

If you want to become a Maine Food Strategy Network Partner and show your support, then sign on to the Network Agreement. This agreement outlines how the initiative functions, and how to collaboratively work together to achieve our collective goals for positive food systems change.

A roadmap to achieve those goals has been Maine Food Strategy Frameworkoutlined in the Maine Food Strategy Framework: A tool for advancing Maine’s food system. This body of work synthesizes years of input from food system stakeholders on priorities to bolster Maine’s food system. It is an organizing tool to facilitate collaborative work. Find out more here on how you can engage with and broaden the Maine food system network.

Have you heard of the Maine Food Atlas? The Atlas encourages diverse foodMFA pic operators—growers, processors, farm to school groups, food security organizations—to use the website and put themselves “on the map.” This work provides baseline information for rebuilding community food systems, assuring greater food security for all, and improving the social, economic, environmental, and health impacts of our food. Create your own account and begin connecting with other organizations in your area and throughout the state.

Be Part of the Maine Food Strategy…

Share your input, lend your expertise and help define how we can all work more collaboratively and effectively to strengthen Maine’s amazing food system. Visit our Network Page for more information on the initiative’s four goal areas and how to get involved.

The Maine Food Strategy is advised by a volunteer Steering Committee and is fiscally sponsored by Third Sector New England.

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