Welcome to the Maine Food Strategy  


Maine Food Strategy food basketMaine food is in high demand.

Today’s consumers want to know where their food comes from and they’re tuned in to the latest news about sustainability, food hubs and farm-to-plate events.

It’s inspiring to see the determination of people across Maine producing results and changing lives.

We hear about success stories:
The increase in the numbers of young farmers. Clearer labeling of local food and seafood. Plans for new and expanded processing.

And yes, we face challenges:
One size fits all regulations. One in five Maine children growing up in a food-insecure home. Crop production affected by changing weather patterns.

We’re Mainers. And we come together to find solutions.

Where Does the Maine Food Strategy Fit In?

Think of the Maine Food Strategy as a common thread, connecting the good works of our local farmers, fishermen and food producers into a stronger network.

Now Is the Time

Let us seize the moment while consumer interest is high, to focus on rebuilding the markets and infrastructure to support a food system that works for Maine people and communities.

Share Your Voice

We need to hear from all Maine citizens and invite interested people to join this initiative. Let your thoughts be heard and share your knowledge!

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