10 Ways to Eat More Maine Food in 2015

Check out these ways to support our Maine farmers, fishermen and food producers.

Incorporate one, two or all of these ideas in 2015!

Plan meals by season
1) Plan meals around foods that are in season.
Seasonal Food Guide

2) Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm or Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to enjoy local, fresh food year-round while supporting Maine farmers and fishermen. 
FMI: Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

3) Buy fish and shellfish with the “Gulf of Maine” label and patronize restaurants that serve locally caught or farmed fish products. 
FMI: Gulf of Maine Research Institute
FMI: Maine Aquaculture Association

4) Encourage your school or college to serve more Maine food.
FMI: Maine Farm to School

5) Join a food council to help bring more locally grown food to your community.  
FMI: Maine Network of Community Food Councils

6) Feature Maine food at your organization’s meetings, conferences and events, and let participants know where it came from. 
FMI: Get Real. Get Maine!

7) Start a backyard garden or LotstoGardensjoin a community garden this season. If you already grow food, try to add one new vegetable for more variety. 
FMI: University of Maine Cooperative Extension

8) Use Maine honey and maple syrup to sweeten foods. 
FMI: Maine Maple Producers
FMI: Maine State Beekeepers Association

9) Buy ag products like beeswax candles and wool to support the larger food system.  
FMI: Maine Alpaca Association
FMI: Fiber Frolic

10) Learn more about where to find foods raised and grown locally. 
FMI: Maine Beef Producers Association
FMI: Maine Cheese Guild
FMI: Maine Dairy Promotion Board
FMI: Maine Potato Board
FMI: Maine Wild Blueberries

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Special thanks to St. Mary’s Health System  and St. Mary’s Nutrition Center’s Lots to Gardens for the photograph!

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