Food Product Development Course

October 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Food Product Development Considerations: Beyond the Concept
Do you want help better understanding the food safety principles behind your process? Do you need help with product development for a current or future product?
Propel your food business to the next level by delving into product development and food safety with Amanda Kinchla, of the UMASS Food Science Department, an expert on HACCP and product development.
The full day course will cover:
Principles of Food Safety and Risk Management
Establishing Process Controls & Effective Strategies for Record Keeping
Quality Attributes of Food
Financial/Business Considerations to account for in your product development process
Food Regulation and Product Labeling and Claims
HACCP Plan Requirements and/or Low-Acid and Acidified Certification
Determine Formula, Process and Packaging for a safe food system
Commercial Canning (Acidified Foods)
Product Development Life Cycle 
Franklin County CDC
Western MA Food Processing Center
324 Wells Street
Greenfield, MA 01370
lunch included


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