Regional Conservation Partnership Network Gathering

November 16, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Broadening the Base of Support for Conservation
The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, NH
Interested in workshops with experts, meeting leaders in regional conservation, and/or learning more about regional conservation partnerships? Register for the 2017 RCP Network Gathering!
This year’s RCP Network Gathering brings together innovators and leaders from all over New England and eastern New York, representing land trusts, governments, colleges and universities, smart growth advocates, planning agencies, foresters, and conservation organizations to discuss and promote collaborative regional conservation.
The agenda features fifteen workshops on the roles of these stakeholders who form the foundation of regional conservation work. Our keynote speaker this year will be Rand Wentworth, the Louis Bacon Senior Fellow in Environmental Leadership in the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University and president emeritus of the Land Trust Alliance. Find the full event agenda here.
With the theme of Broadening the Base of Support for Conservation, we would love to have the participation of people with diverse interests and areas of expertise! Workshops like “How Farmers Think About Their Land and Future: Partners in the Agricultural Sector” and “Community First: RCPs in Service of Community Health, Economic, and Educational Needs” deal with topics directly relevant to food systems.
Learn more and register free of charge. Register before November 3 to receive a discounted hotel rate!
The RCP Network is on social media – find them on Twitter and LinkedIn. For additional information about RCPs, the RCP Network, or the RCP Network Gathering, visit the Wildlands and Woodlands website. Please contact Jody Cologgi with questions or concerns.
Click here for information about RCPs, the RCP Network, and the RCP Network Gathering. 


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