Teleconference on Sustainable Fisheries in New England

September 13, 2017 @ 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

Teleconference: Carlos Rafael, Sustainable Fisheries
On March 30 of this year, New Bedford-based fishing magnate Carlos Rafael pled guilty to 28 charges, including conspiracy, false labeling of fish, bulk cash smuggling, tax evasion, and falsifying federal records. 
Here in New England, a driving factor behind the success of our coastal economies is the health and sustainability of our local fisheries. So when someone abuses the system as egregiously as Rafael has, it can have far-reaching impacts for the region. 
And beyond this case, how can we ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again? How can we build strong, sustainable fisheries that are also under threat from climate change and ocean acidification? Join the Conservation Law Foundation for a teleconference on September 13 to discuss solutions to these problems and more. 
Join:Peter Shelley, Conservation Law Foundation Togue Brawn, Downeast Dayboat Patrick Shepard, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries Megan Herzog, Conservation Law Foundation
RSVP here to receive the dial-in information for this call. You can also follow the conversation live on CLF’s Facebook page. If you can’t attend, RSVP and CLF will send you a recording of the call.


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