The Farmer’s Edge: On-Line Business Course + Consulting Collective

November 28, 2017 all-day

Julia Shanks is offering new sessions of The Farmer’s Edge. This 3-month business course is designed to give beginning and experienced farmers the skills and tools needed to cultivate financially sustainable businesses. Whether they struggle to understand the economics of their business or just want to increase their farm’s profitability, this course is for them! Julia’s mission is to help farmers and food entrepreneurs achieve and maintain financial sustainability.  Sure, she wants food and ag businesses to promote ecological sustainability… but if they can’t run their businesses profitability, then all the good intentions have little impact. In order for farm-entrepreneurs to succeed, they need solid business skills – bookkeeping, accounting and financial management – so that they can make strategic (and informed!) decisions about how to manage and grow their businesses profitably.   Group sessions begin Tuesday, November 28th and meet on-line for 2 hours each week (morning and afternoon sessions). The first hour is devoted to a specific business topic, such as QuickBooks or Cash Flow Budgeting. The second hour is an open discussion for participants to ask specific questions about their businesses. This “consulting collective” combines the benefits of a business workshop and one-on-one technical assistance, with the added value of peer-learning. At the end of the program participants will have: 
Comprehensive bookkeeping systems designed to help them  manage your business 
A cash flow budget and the tools to make sure they stay on track 
Systems for understanding all the costs in their business 
A strategy for how to grow their business profitability in the coming years 
Financial analysis to decide where to focus their  business 
In other words, they will have a plan to increase profits! Contact Julia if you have any questions.  She’s offering an “early bird” discount for folks who register by October 15th. More details can be found on her website. 


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