How Might New England Feed Itself?

What might New England’s food production landscape look like if we were to try and grow 50% or even 70% of our food (by calories) by 2060? Over the past two years, an ambitious and creative group of researchers have been building a series of models to examine some potential scenarios. Their work is now available in draft form, and they are welcoming public feedback through July 31, 2013.  You can access the draft of A New England Food Vision and all supporting data here:
On this webpage, you will also find a link to an online survey, where you can submit your comments through the end of July. Comments will inform the editing process, and a final version is intended to be released in the fall of 2013.

As we build the Maine Food Strategy, we recognize that we are part of a region that has the potential to produce much more food than we do now. The work of those who have contributed to A New England Food Vision can help us to see some of the opportunities and challenges we may face as a region, and spark more creative thinking and action to move our state-wide discussion forward. We hope you will review this document and provide your feedback to the authors at:

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