Network Gathering Report 2015

The Maine Food Strategy Network Gathering Report is now available.

The gathering on December 4th, 2015 brought together individuals who had been participating in different goal area subcommittee meetings over the 2015 year, as well as potential partners and interested parties.

The goal of the gathering was to:

  • Reach a shared understanding and enthusiasm for the value of a Maine Food Strategy network.
  • Identify specific tasks, by goal area and across Subcommittees, and shared awareness of what everyone will be working on
  • Solicit personal commitments for help with implementing next steps identified at the event.
  • Get to know new people and make new connections with valuable resources.

We have synthesized the information and conclusions from the day’s meetings. In the full report, you will find detailed notes from each subcommittee breakout session, as well as and overview and final actions from the subcommittees and across the goal areas.

Find the full report here.

Find the Executive Summary here.

Attendees at the event noted tstartup-593344_640he importance of businesses that do a good job of promoting Maine grown, fished, and processed products. If you know a business or organization that’s raising the profile of awesome Maine food, share it with us.

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