Network Weaving Webinar

Maine Food System Network Weaving: Gathering input on how to work better, together

October 12, 2018

Background: The Maine Food Strategy Steering Committee has been embarking on a process to gather input on what activities would benefit Maine’s food system development. This journey has brought together broad ranging organizations to discuss how Maine can coordinate food system work; what projects would benefit from better collaboration; and how we can effectively share our time and resources. 

This webinar is intended to encourage input and ideas that can help shape the development and focus of state-level food systems planning and coordination in Maine.

Goals of the webinar: We want your input on questions like state government involvement, how your organization or work would benefit from better network coordination, and what activities you would be willing to participate in. Webinar attendees will react to activities on what recent input has been on specific activities for Maine’s food system development. This webinar is intended to facilitate participation from stakeholders, and attendees are encouraged to add input on how to shape the process and network development into the future. 

The below recording was from a 1hour teleconference to glean input from stakeholders. The accompanying slides were shown. 

Webinar recording – October 12, 2018
Click here for recording.

Webinar presentation slides – October 18, 2018
Click here for slides. 

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