Economic Development

Economic Development SubcommitteeGOAL
Maine has a food system that creates economic development opportunities and builds lasting livelihoods.

The Economic Development Council will begin February 2017 to consider policies, programs, and activities that support the Framework document and MFS network values, all which relate to economic development and the food system.  FMI on the Council, contact us!

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Current Indicators (Levers):

Portland Fish Exchange>▪ The market share of foods farmed, fished, foraged and/or processed in Maine and beyond increases.

▪ Maine farmers, fishermen and producers experience expanded markets as a result of strong statewide brand coordination and adequate marketing resources.

▪ Financial and technical assistance resources exist to help businesses along the value chain better understand and respond to local, regional, national and international market demand.

  • Business along the value chain have better access to best practices, technology, and cooperative models for reducing costs and increasing revenues.
  • Maine food processing capability, capacity and return on investment increases with benefits accruing to both the processors and the producers of raw materials (farmers and fishermen)
  • The capability, capacity and productivity of workers in Maine food production and processing increases, resulting in higher earned and stable incomes.
  • Maine’s agricultural and seafood industries have and are recognized for their food quality and safety standards.