What Makes This Different?

Many businesses, people, agencies and groups in Maine are already working on food, food systems, food security, food economic development and more, right?

Growing Maine's Food Economy

What does The Maine Food Strategy add to this mix that isn’t already there?

Inclusive, Participatory Process

The Maine Food Strategy is asking people involved in organizations and businesses across Maine’s food system to be part of the change they want to see.

A nonpartisan effort, the Initiative is striving to include diverse communities and interests in the conversation and asking for input on statewide priorities that advance Maine’s economy, contribute to quality of life in our communities and support the long-term success and viability of food production in our state.

Listening to all voices

Looking for the forest without losing sight of the trees

Food systems are complex organisms that impact the economy, land use, health and nutrition, labor, culture, food security, investment and more. Looking at only the parts that work well – or those that we think could use improvement – doesn’t consider how each piece relates to the others, or what transactions must occur to make the system function well.

The Maine Food Strategy wants to create more opportunities for people to share what they know, and understand what they don’t.

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