Food System Fans

The following are members of Maine’s food system who have signed onto the Maine Food Strategy Network Agreement.

They are in support of the Maine Food Strategy values, and are committed to positive change to Maine’s food system.

Fans have said they are going to support Maine’s food system in many ways.

“Grow my own as much as possible, give away extras and buy locally at my farmers market.”

“Continue to increase access to fresh, local foods by all.”

“Try to find solutions to local food insecurity and provide education about the links between healthy food and optimal health.”

Join them today and Take the Pledge!

  • AllerGeena, AllerGeena Gluten Free Baked Goods
  • Andrea Cadwell, Newly Picked Consulting
  • Andrew Toothacker
  • Arthur Nichols  
  • Ben Martens, Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association
  • Ben Tettlebaum, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Camille Parrish 
  • Cheryl Denis      
  • Danielle Foisy   
  • David Herring, Wolfe’s Neck Farm Foundation
  • Deborah M. Burd            
  • Drew Dumsch, The Ecology School
  • Ellen Freedman
  • Ellen Shrader    
  • Erica Emery, Rustic Roots Farm
  • Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn
  • Jamie Picardy, University of Southern Maine, Food Studies Program
  • Jessica Aspiras, Maine Warrior Gym/The Strength Studio
  • Jill Beaulieu                       
  • Joline Blais         
  • Jonah Fertig, Cooperative Development Institute
  • Joshua Stoll, University of Maine
  • Julia Harper, Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn
  • Kate McCarty, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
  • Kathryn Sargent
  • Keith and Constance Bodine, Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery
  • Kelly LaCasse, Healthy Northern Kennebec
  • Kourtney Collum, College of the Atlantic
  • Kristen Miale, Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • Kristina Shula    
  • Linda Diou, SCORE
  • Lisa Giulianelli, Oats Any Time
  • Lynn     
  • Maine Farm to Institution            
  • Maine Farm to School Network
  • Mark Dvorozniak, Marketing Strategy Decisions
  • Mark Fruehauf
  • Mary Turner      
  • Melissa Emerson, Pinetree Garden Seeds
  • Michele DesAutels, Ferment Farm
  • Molly Clark, Cold Spring Ranch
  • Nicole Benoit
  • Nisha Swinton, Food & Water Watch
  • Peter Mayo, J&P’S Farm Market
  • Professor Tim Waring    
  • Randy Lagasse, Gardening
  • Renee Page, Healthy Communities of the Capital Area
  • Rosie Vanadestine, Kennebec Valley Council of Governments
  • Sara Trunzo, Maine Farmland Trust / Veggies For All
  • Scott Vlaun, Center for an Ecology-Based Economy
  • Sean O’ Farrell, Cloncannon Biofarm, Ireland
  • Sophie DeMaio, Maine Farmland Trust
  • Stephanie Gilbert
  • Tom Rainey, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development
  • Vicki Schmidt, Troika Drafts