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Tanya Swain, Project Director 

Tanya provides overall project management for the Maine Food Strategy and support for the initiative’s Steering Committee and Leadership Team.

She is a former executive director of Western Mountains Alliance, a community development organization that led several initiatives to support the development of farm and agriculture-related businesses in rural Maine. Tanya’s background includes nonprofit management, program development, fundraising and public relations. She holds a M.A. in Public Policy and Management from University of Southern Maine, Portland and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington, Seattle.  Contact Tanya here.

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Sandy Gilbreath, Projects Manager 

Sandy Gilbreath, Projects Manager 

Sandy began work at the Maine Food Strategy in 2013, and holds an M.A in Policy, Planning, and Management from the University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service, and B.A in Environmental Planning and Policy from the University of Southern Maine. Sandy provides coordination for projects and programs at the Maine Food Strategy, increases visibility and outreach of the Maine Food Strategy network, and supports communication and administrative functions of the initiative. She currently sits on the Network Team for Food Solutions New England and is Vice Chair for the Portland Food Council. She lives in Portland, Maine. Contact Sandy at