Thank you for supporting the Maine Food Strategy!

There are many ways you can help us in moving forward this collaborative effort to strengthen Maine’s food system:

1. Donate!


We use Paypal for donations. Your donation will go towards creating, developing, and sustaining connections and relationships with members of Maine’s food system. Visit our “Network” page more information on how the MFS uses network-building to create change.

**2023 ME FOOD CONVERGENCE SPONSORS** Please add this note to your donation: "Sponsorship for MFCP". 

2. Get involved!

The Maine Food Strategy holds briefing sessions and speaking events to solicit more input in how to address food system issues. Follow us on Facebooksubscribe to the newsletter, or check up on the website calendar for event information. You can also email us directly for specific questions and comments.

3. Become a champion

Whether or not you’ve lent your time to MFS efforts, you can become a champion of food systems issues in your own town or within your own networks. Visit the Maine Network of Community Food Councils for information on what exists in your area that fits your interests. Start conversations with neighbors and friends on food systems issues, and find ways to support local farmers, fisherman, and food businesses.


The Maine Food Strategy is served by fiscal sponsor Third Sector New England, Inc (TSNE). The payment will go to TSNE, a 501(c)(3) organization for deposit into The Maine Food Strategy account.