Share Your Story

Submit this form to share information highlighting a program or organization that is helping to achieve goals in the Framework. At the end of this form, you’ll be asked to share some data on your program.  The total time to complete - including gathering together the data you wish to highlight - is expected to be 45 minutes.

This work helps to track changes and progress in Maine's food system and to illustrate whether the collective work is impacting goals in the Framework. These case studies are called "Performance Measures," a term from a social impact process called "Results-Based Accountability."*  Performance Measures are data-driven narratives describing program impacts.


In advance of starting this form, we suggest you compile information for the areas below:

  • How much did we do? (For example, how many people did your program serve or how many types of activities or events did you coordinate?)
  • How well was the program or  project run? (For example, how did people served by the program evaluate it? How much did it cost to run v. number of people served?)
  • Is anyone better off? (For example, did the program result in increased awareness or behavior changes for participants? Did the program improve limiting circumstances or conditions participants’ were experiencing?)

Information on your program will be showcased online, in newsletters, and social media to help promote projects that are having a measurable impact on Maine’s food system.

Share Your Story

*Attributed to Mark Friedman's book "Trying Hard is Not Good Enough." Find more information at