The Network

The Maine Food Strategy works to bring together people with many perspectives to identify and advance shared goals for building Maine’s food economy and strengthening our food system.

The Maine Food Strategy is based around four values. These were developed a basis for developing goals and bringing people together to strengthen the food system. They are visionary values that state what kind of food system we should be striving for.

Independently,  there are issues and needs to be addressed for each of the values in order for them to be successful. Yet together, these values form a food system that is healthy, sustainable, and thriving.

Across many sectors, regions, and industries, Mainers said they want a food system that..

Economic Development
Creates economic development opportunities and builds lasting livelihoods.
Healthy Food
Ensures everyone has access to healthy food.
Healthy Maine
Relies upon and contributes to a healthy and resilient environment.
Vibrant Communities
Enriches our cultural heritage, ecology, economy and wellness and is strongly supported by Maine communities.