Network 2.0

The Maine Food Strategy is embarking on a network development initiative, dubbed “Network 2.0.” Advancing from network-building, 2.0 is moving toward development and expansion to catalyze action and build strong collaborative coalitions around food systems goals.

This is a process that includes engaging key stakeholders, identifying and agreeing on common goals, and making commitments to actions to meet those goals. Strategies to get there include:

  • Promoting and working towards a set of shared priorities
  • Bringing cross sector groups together to solve problems through the strategy councils and other ad hoc groups
  • Statewide convenings
  • Webinars on topics of interest to the network
  • Implementing an evaluation framework to help us better understand where progress is being made

The Network 2.0 process will consider systems, partners, and resources necessary to sustain state-level food systems planning and coordination, and create opportunities to build relationships and strengthen the existing network of food systems stakeholders in Maine. 

Key Questions for People Working In Maine’s Food System:

  • What state-level network activities add the most value to our collective food systems work? 
  • If statewide collaborative projects, programs and policy work are expanded, how should this get coordinated?
  • How do we track quantitative data on indicators of change and communicate this information to each other?
  • Should the network have structured leadership (similar to the Maine Food Strategy Steering Committee) and if so, what should this look like? 
  • How should state government be engaged in the network and/or leadership of the network?
  • How should general communication continue to happen within the network (website, enewsletter, social media, webinars, annual event)?  Who should oversee this?  How will it financially supported?
  • How should Maine engage in New England Regional discussions on food systems planning and on the NE States Community of Practice Group?
  • What resources can we collectively bring to the table to support the work we feel is most important and what resource gaps exist?

The "White Paper" 

The Maine Food Strategy developed a white paper with  findings and recommendations from this process. You can find that document linked here