Strategy Councils

In 2017 the Maine Food Strategy convened Strategy Councils around the four value areas. These Councils prioritize actions and goals from the Framework, and pull together individuals and organizations within related sectors to define work and partners to advance those actions.

Maine Food Strategy Councils

MFS Value Areas
Vibrant Communities // Healthy Maine Environment // Economic Development // Healthy Food for All


The Maine Food Strategy Councils began in February, 2017. Steering Committee members self-selected which Councils they wanted to participate on, and then named other individuals and organizations outside of the committee that would be important to have participation and perspective from.

The Maine Food Strategy Councils are groups of stakeholders convening around each core value of the MFS network.

These councils are charged with identifying and advancing actions aligned with goals in the Maine Food Strategy Framework, and which support the core values.  Find more information on the Framework here.

Activities prioritized for support through the MFS initiative will be those that have resonance across multiple value areas, and promote collaborative work at the state level among different sectors in Maine’s food system.

Follow the links for more information and to sign up for the council mailing lists:

The Councils are supported by Maine Food Strategy staff, and secure amounts of funding for projects and partnerships.